How to choose a suitable manual wheelchair-two

  • July 27,2017.

How to choose a manual wheelchair

If you find yourself or your family need a manual wheelchair, you will find the best choice at Sinway! There are many types of dedicated wheelchairs to choose from and our most popular categories are - basic wheelchairs, light wheelchairs, ultra-light wheelchairs and heavy wheelchairs.

Will a companion be pushing the chair?

If so, you will need a chair that includes a push handles such as a Transport Chair, or a basic wheelchair, and you will also need an ideal of your companion’s strength and how much weight they can propel.

Will the wheelchair be self-propelled?

If so, Sinway recommends using a basic, lightweight or ultralight wheelchair. If you are looking for a self-propelled model, you may need an ideal of your own strength and how much weight you can propel.

Foot push type

Those shorter in stature or who ”foot propel” may request a lower seat to floor height.

How about your weight and height?

A tall person may need a wheelchair with a long seat length or width or a model with a heavy structure to increase safety and comfort.

How much time do you spend with a chair?

In a short period of time or during simple transportation, Sinway recommends a transport wheelchair. For full-day or long-term options, we recommend a basic wheelchair which is designed for longer seating time. Keep in mind that if you are tall and heavy, you may need a wheelchair with seat length or width or models with Heavy Duty construction.

Do you often carry a manual wheelchair?

If this is the case, you may want a manual wheelchair that can be disassembled and foldable. If you can not lift your own 35 to 45 pounds, you may need assistance, or you can use the elevator to transport your wheelchair,

Sinway knows: Two chairs may be a good idea, a short trip travel transport chair - because the big wheels are easy to transport, and a different type of chair can be extended in one place for use. Our product specialists are here to help you make the best choice for your personal situation. Call us

Transport wheelchair

Also, nicknamed "companion chairs", the transport desk includes a folding frame and 4 casters. They are designed to be drive by attendants or companion. The brake controller is located within the attendant’s reach and depending on the manufacturer and model may be located on or near the push handles, or controlled on the rear wheel by foot. These wheelchairs are an excellent choice for delivery of patients who may not need wheelchair full-time.

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Basic wheelchair

The basic wheelchair is some of the most cost-effective wheelchairs, suitable for an average of 300 pounds. These chairs are made of sturdy materials for durability, usually between 38 and 42 pounds and can be folded when they are not in use. if your energy level is high, the basic wheelchair also can be self-propelled by yourself or be pushed by an attendant when energy is low. This is a good base chair that builds a common component that complies with federal regulations.

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Lightweight wheelchair

The lightweight wheelchair can accommodate people up to 300 pounds, but the chairs weight between 27 and 37 pounds will be easy for push and transport. Customizable options such as quick release tires, upholstery, color and so on. Ideal for full-time use as they are lighter than standard chairs relieve stress and discomfort while self-propelling. This type of wheelchair offers more seat size and functional options to meet your specific needs.

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Ultra-lightweight wheelchair

The ultra-lightweight wheelchair are sleek, profiled chairs which is design to suitable your body and offers the highest performance and customization. They are the lightest chair on the market, with foldable and ridged frames. These chairs are ideal for full-time use, starting at only 14 pounds and cover a wide range of needs and uses.

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Bariatric Heavy Duty wheelchair

The capacity of bariatric wheelchairs are ranging from a 300lbs to 700lbs,these chairs are equipped with a heavy-duty frame and all of the component are tested for the maximum durability. You can choose the seat width on the bariatric wheelchair, the model extends from the 20-inch seat to 30 inches wide. Heavy-duty chairs weigh between 38 to 98 pounds.

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