Be Dosing Agent
Be Dosing Agent

We are looking for Dosing’s Dealer in each country and area all over the world, so if you want to sell our products, pls. email us.

Dealer Support Services Dosing Give

1.All product Documentation

We supply you all product support documentation, and we supply all high resolution images of Dosing Logo and Products to use in your own advertising and print material.

2. We can train your salesman comprehensive products knowledge and technical courses, teach them how to introduce and prescribe our products, how to recommend products for a consumer. How to maintain mobility products.

3. Test and Certification. Products you sell meet your country regulation and products safety is very important for you. All our products we authorize you to sell firstly pass all test and get corresponding certification.

4. Spares and after sales service. We will supply all spare parts for Dosing products for your after sales service.

5. New Products Notification. If you are our Dosing dealer, you will be notified the Dosing’s newest products in the first time. Every year we develop and design new products, our dealers also can involve in our developing. We welcome you to supply us feedback for our products, so we can improve our products continuously.

We are assessing renting warehouse in the country where we will have dealers, we will move our stock to the closest place to our dealers, So the dealers can don’t need to wait 30-45 sea shipping time for their goods, they can pick up goods small quantity frequently and very conveniently, the most important that they don’t need book 30-60days advanced payment shipment, which meet the needs of those small customers who only have one or several shops direct procurement from China, they buy goods lower price and get more profit . We are planning to do this thing. We will start from the country where we have dealers. So if you have this idea, or you can launch one to three people who has same ideas, pls. Contact me, we do this thing together.