Your Partner in OEM

Dosing has been an OEM partner for many big brands since 1995, our engineers has 10-30 years rich experience in mobility products design and produce, we can design and manufacture innovative tooling and mould with superb quality to produce your design at affordable cost, you supply us samples or drawings, the rest work is for us.

Dosing OEM Procedures

1.Before we cooperate, we sign “ Confidentiality Agreement and Manufacturing Requirements

2.Customer supply 3D drawings and engineer drawings, we make 1st hand made sample for you, for sample made, some molds like extrusion must built.

3.Or you only has product sample, we can do drawings for you, and then first counter sample made.

4.If you only has idea, that is ok for us. our engineer can bring your ideas into reality by 3D Drawings and even hand made sample

5.Repeatedly checking 1st sample function, repeatedly altering and perfecting designing, maybe need hand make 2nd even 3rd sample. Only sample is rough confirmed, we start some molding built in order to waste mould.

6.Stamping die, plastic , PU, etc are building. This course need 30-45 days.

7.Make new sample, this sample is different from hand made sample. Most parts are from molds, there are no replaced parts.

8.And then make all kinds of test for the sample

9.if test is passed one time. We are lucky, we can start small order trial production.

10.During 1 to 3 round trial production, there may occur some altering, this is very normal for a new product.

11.Go into mass production.

If you want to sell a different design in your market to compete with your competitor, or want to enlarge your product range. Pls. contact us.

We have great capability to design new products only for your company only if you have great confidence in your selling and yearly quantity is big enough, and then we have matured cooperation ways to develop together. One way is that we sign a exclusive sale agreement, we produce, you sell. One Way is that we both invest money on a pro - rata basis, we share market according to countries and areas, of course, we can negotiate the 3rd way, the 4th way, only if we agree and are satisfied both party.

If you have just one idea that what you want, it is ok for us to do rest work for you. We can supply you several designs for your choose.

We design and develop new wheelchair, new new commodes, knee scooters, rollators, walkers, bath safety products, all these designs are made completely by us. if you reach our yearly volume requirements or have very good sales channel, we can give you our design exclusive under your brand to sell on your market, for this details, pls. Contact us.