How to Choose A Suitable Manual Wheelchair-one

  • July 27,2017.

How to Choose A Suitable Manual Wheelchair

A wheelchair is an equipment that provides the people independence, who is unable or difficult to walk because of the disease, disability or injury. It allows the users move more easily, also guide them into the positive and independent lifestyle.

There are different kinds of wheelchairs to meet the different request from users, like manual wheelchair and power wheelchair. The manual wheelchair is simple compared with power kind, also the price is cheaper, the folding size is smaller to keep in some areas, like the trunk of a car.

As for the power wheelchair, it makes the users need not depend on others because of its easy operation. A power wheelchair is usually suitable for the people whose arm or shoulder are difficult to operate the manual wheelchair rear wheels. What they need to do is just controlling the direction, speed, recline, seat height or largest angle through operating the controller. Before buying, you could try many types to chose the most suitable model according to the real situation. What is more, the users are allowed to customize the power wheelchair in line with their body or health needs.

All in all, wheelchairs are designed in different sizes and shapes for all kinds of the request from users. When choosing a wheelchair, you also need to take the terrain type and weather condition into consideration.

As mentioned above, manual wheelchairs and power wheelchairs are the main kinds. Then, how to choose one suitable manual wheelchair for yourself?

Manual wheelchair: operated by arm, cheap, and easily to storage.

Standard manual wheelchair: Fixed armrest and legrest; Its frame usually made of steel or aluminum, of course, the price mainly depends on the material.

Detachable manual wheelchair: Usually its armrest or legrest is detachable, which is convenient for users to transfer.

The orthopedic wheelchair is a good choice if there are something wrong with your hip or knee because there are so many supine positions that allowing leg hold in a variety of positions.

It is very helpful to use the reclining wheelchair if you are uncomfortable to sit a long time or need to lie down often.

The school and social environment is the most important factor to chose the suitable wheelchair for children. The wheelchair should be able to grow up with the children together if long-term use, which means that the armrest and legrest should be detachable, also its frame and seat could be adjustable.

Also, the wheelchair accessories could make the much difference for the comfort and convenience.